Custom game board maker

It is known that board games are very popular all over the world.

Not only board game publishers, but also game players in general are interested in “How do you work with board game manufacturers to turn your ideas into reality”
In fact, anyone can be a publisher if you learn about how to work with manufacturers.

First you have to have a fun idea and then we found each other.

I am so sure you’ve got the designs ready,too.

Now we come to the confirmation step.

After we get your design draft, we will reformat it and send back to you for confirmation.

All you need to do is double check to make sure all the E-proofs are correct.

We will finish printing all the printed materials at one time after getting your confirmation. Then we will randomly take some of these prints and make one or two complete sets of samples to send you.

If you point out any problems we will revise them and let you double check. Mass production will officially start after we getting your confirmation.

And then your work is done.

After about 40 days all the board games will be finished.

You see that? It is really easy.

Don’t hesitate any longer.

Perfect game, let’s do together!