Make your own board game

Desktop games,the original English version is board game, or BG for short.

With the rise of German style strategic board game in recent years, board game have become popular in Europe and the United States.

It including gameboard, punchboard, cards, poker chips, dice, instrustion, pawns, wooden piece and so on.As a professional board game manufacturer, we encourage and are willing to help more stores and board enthusiasts to make their own board games, which can not only make people’s entertainment choices more diverse, but also satisfy many people’s love for board games.

Designers only need to send the designed documents to us, and then we can carry out subsequent printing and production according to the design you want. Speaking of this, we have to mention that there are many categories of printing, such as 4 / 0C, 4 / 1C, 4 / 4C, etc., which represent the colors you want to express and make the game more entertaining, The design of board games is the reaction of the designer’s inner world. We try our best to present it by printing.